Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Buildings That Breathe Honored!

 I am honored to have BUILDINGS THAT BREATHE recognized by the California Reading Association this week. 

I researched this book in Italy in 2018 at the World Forum on Urban Forestry in Italy and in Milan. My research continued in the United States as I visited pocket parks, roof gardens, and more. Urban greening can help keep our planet healthy. Trees and plants help mitigate our climate emergency and also help reduce pollution. Read how botanists, architects, urban planners, and citizens are greening our cities. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Ada Lovelace - It's Her Day, After All.

 There can never be too many holidays for women in STEM!!!  This week featured Ada Lovelace Day. 

Ada's contributions changed technology forever.

There are many books about good ol' Ada -- I even wrote one of them.  So, let's celebrate her marvelous mind this week and all the other women who use their big brains to bring us big things! 

Ending this post with my fave bookstore event pic ever - I was in Colorado autographing my Ada Lovelace book when this wonderful, young Ada showed up! Hurrah for young STEM readers! 

Monday, October 2, 2023

Is your school mascot a wolf?

 If it is, I've written two award-winning books that I'd love to chat with you about! 

BACK FROM THE BRINK received a Silver Honor from the California Reading Association and a Sigurd F. Olsen Best Nature Book Award Honorable Mention, among other honors. Each chapter focuses on a species that we were able to save from extinction. This hopeful message demonstrates how we can all make a difference. 

Spending time in one of America's least visited national parks was an adventure I'll never forget. This book, THE WOLVES AND MOOSE OF ISLE ROYALE, tells the amazing story of how two species are crucial to the survival of an island ecosystem. It's received a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection honor. Wolves matter! 

Good News and Bad News ---For Wolves

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