Monday, August 11, 2014

The Nonfiction Minute

FREE! Teachable moments from Top Children's Nonfiction Authors.

The Nonfiction Minute is a FREE daily posting of short pieces of nonfiction, by a group of award-winning children’s nonfiction authors (including me!). Each Nonfiction Minute also contains an audio file of the author reading his or her text, so students can actually hear the author's voice making the content available to less fluent readers.  The other advantage of the audio is that it will free us from the constraints of children's reading vocabulary, which is what makes textbooks and many children's books designed for the classroom so bland. But don't take my word for it.  See for yourself. Read the seven minutes already posted as examples.  When we go live on September 8, a new post will appear each day, which will then be archived under topics and author for easy access for future use.

With the current emphasis on reading nonfiction, educators need easy access to high-quality material that they can use right away.  The Nonfiction Minute does this consistently on a daily basis; but it also does more.  It is a source for finding even more high-quality literature by these award-winning authors.  It is a direct connection to longer-form books, essential for inquiry-driven learning across the curriculum.  It fosters and feeds curiosity, provides samples of exemplary writing from many voices, presents content and process in many disciplines, and can awaken a love for learning.  It creates the possibility that kids want to follow-up on the openings provided by The Nonfiction Minute for more than the brief time it’s in the spotlight on any school day.

Never before have top children's authors organized to work directly with teachers and students to inspire them with the love of learning that drives them in their work.  They practice the skills of the CCSS every day of their working lives.

We are currently running an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to raise the minimum amount needed to sustain The Nonfiction Minute for one school year.   
Check it out and spread the word! 

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