Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photos of the Day - Signs of Spring

Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge - The Manatee Scientists

It's always a treat to see a manatee floating by in the Florida waters.  I can remember seeing them on my many visits to Sanibel Island.  It's easy to appreciate their gentle demeanor and peaceful gliding, which is why I was eager to read peter Lourie's book about the scientists working so hard throughout the world to protect them.

Lourie does a thorough job of introducing young readers to the different species of manatees and the scientists studying them.  With countless photographs of wild manatees in Florida, Amazonia and Africa, The Manatee Scientists capturing this unique mammal species.

The Manatee Scientists is part of Houghton Mifflin's famed Scientists in the Field series.  As with all of these titles readers can find details of fascinating field work and thorough research.  It's a great book for budding scientists, conservationists and classroom libraries!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge - Desert Elephants

Desert elephants travel hundreds of miles through the deserts of Africa to find water.  They've been doing this migration for thousands of years.

This book knocked my socks off.  Helen Cowcher's illustrations are luscious and her palette captures the beauty of the desert.  Her text is well researched, informational and insightful.  It is a story of cooperation and conservation.

A wonderful book to add to your classroom library!

Take a peek inside Helen's book with this video.

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