Monday, November 5, 2012

The Buzz on Bee Books

Beelieve me, these books pair together like mac and cheese.  Douglas Florian's UnBEElievables is a terrific introduction into the world of the honeybee.  Even kids with a fear of stingers will find that his beeautiful honeybee illustrations are friendly and fun enough to dispel all their fears. Florian's blend of poetry and nonfiction text is reminiscent of Joyce Sidman's award winning titles and equally effective.  

When kids are ready to step up their reading, Loree Griffen Burns' The Hive Detectives, is the book they should pick up.  Burns explores the mystery and science of the missing honeybees that has impacted our environment. Like other titles in the well-researched Scientists in the Field series, The Hive Detectives presents readers with a great science read right out of today's headlines.

Both of these titles are great additions to a classroom collection and dovetail well with core curriculum standards!

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