Thursday, January 21, 2021

Is Ada Lovelace Relevant?

As a kid lit author, I receive many emails and letters about my books. I received one this week that I thought I'd share -- it asked if I felt Ada Lovelace is relevant to young women today. 

Here is my short response: 

Hi, Daisy, 

It is interesting to me, as an author of her biography, to hear that you are exploring Ada’s relevance for women in the 21st century. I wouldn’t have written it if I found her irrelevant.  😉

Ada Lovelace contributed to the formation of a tool that we use every day — in fact, I wouldn’t be sending you this email if it weren’t for Ada. If computers are relevant, then so is Ada.  

I’ve also authored a biography of Nellie Bly, another groundbreaking historical female figure. Is she relevant? If we like in-depth reporting and value women in the role of journalism - then yes. 

These historical women are the stones in our foundation. They serve as examples of tenacity, intelligence, and grit. Of course they are relevant. We need those examples every day to show us possibilities. We also need them to show us the journey it has taken us to get where we are today. Ada is part of our STEM background, a figure that just might encourage other girls to venture into a STEM career. She led the way for so many of us and will continue to do so. 

I hope this helps,


Was I right? Do you feel she is relevant? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 

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