Friday, November 23, 2018

5 Books to Celebrate National Maize Day!

"This holiday began as a small research project through which I intended—with my family—to commemorate the United States holiday of Thanksgiving through the viewpoint of the indigenous people." – Corinne Lightweaver

If you have read my book THE STORY OF SEEDS: FROM MENDEL'S GARDEN TO YOUR PLATE, AND HOW THERE'S MORE OF LESS TO EAT AROUND THE WORLD, then you might have observed that there are a number of photographs of maize (corn) throughout the book. There were actually more, but I realized in first pages that I had a heafty imbalance. The reason there are and would have been even more is that I am totally in agreement with the belief of Native Americans that maize is life. 

From an ear of sweet corn on the cob to a tamale to cornbread to popcorn and field corn, corn is definitely something to celebrate! And, on this day after Thankgiving, a day many Native Americans recognize as a #DayofMourning, it is a day to reflect on the people native to our country, their history, their culture, and their struggles. 

Here are some books to read today. Who needs #BlackFriday anyway? All that stuff will be here tomorrow. 

1. We are Grateful by Traci Sopell

2. #NotYourPrincess : Voices of Native American Women

3. The Water Walker by Joanne Robertson

4. CORN by Gail Gibbons

5. Corn is Maize by Aliki

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