Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Agriculture in the Classroom

It's spring and we're all living through a nationwide pandemic when our food security is even more important.

In the midst of this, librarians are working hard to provide books for young children who are struggling through homeschooling and virtual lessons.  Some, like the librarians in Missouri, are holding virtual book fests to present books and authors to school librarians throughout the state. I had the fun of participating in one of their virtual panels.

I'm happy to share the books of my fellow panelists and the resources with all of you.
Check these out!

Pre-order THE FARM THAT FEEDS US at your local indie or an autographed copy at Oblong Books & Music. The release is postponed until July.

Additional resources for your classroom: 

National Ag in the Classroom program:

American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture:

Feeding Minds Press:

Future Farmers of America:

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