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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Anita Sanchez Shows Us Another Side of Poison Ivy

"For centuries, poison ivy has bedeviled, inconvenienced, and downright tortured the human race," according to Anita Sanchez. And she's right.  But, the environmental educator and author recognizes its value the way many of us can't imagine. 

  Poison Ivy on the rocky coast of Maine showing off it's autumn colors. @Nancy F. Castaldo 

Anita has authored two fabulous books that will surely give you a new appreciation for this common vine. Can you imagine importing poison ivy for showy European gardens? I couldn't, but it was! The natural history of this vine will amaze you. 

Kids and adults alike will be enchanted by Robin Brickman's illustrations. And they might just learn that although poison ivy might not rank high on our list, there are many creatures that find it mighty tasty!


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