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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

Hello everyone!

After my last post my life seemed to kick into high gear.  All good stuff - mega birthdays, a college graduation, SCBWI event planning and a trip to Italy, Turkey and Greece.  And that was all before June!  Then it happened…..I began a nonfiction book project for Houghton Mifflin!!!!

Whew, was there time for reading?  YES!  Was there time for blogging?  NO!

So, I'm checking in.  I read some amazing books over the summer.  Many I plan on sharing with you in the coming months.  Others were making their way into my book's bibliography.

It's proving to be a busy fall and some days I feel like one of the squirrels running around in my yard. But I promise I'll be back soon with more news and notes and, above all, some great nonfiction reads for you to add to your shelves!

                                                    The library at Ephesus in Turkey.