Sunday, April 6, 2014

Climate Change Refugees

I am outraged.  I found this little story today about a small island in Papua New Guinea. The article took up just a few paragraphs and it probably won't make the national news. But, in fact it is a huge story.

This little island was predicted to be completely underwater by 2015, but it's happening now. King tides have already washed away their crops and the rising sea water has poisoned the remaining ones with salt. The 2000 people living on this island have been forced to leave, making them the first refugees of climate change.

I know there are still a bunch of you out there claiming that there isn't such a thing as climate change.  Tell that to the 40 families who have lost their village and their way of life.

This is happening folks. And it should be front and center news - especially this close to Earth Day.

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