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Monday, May 22, 2017

Book Shopping -- Food, Seeds, and Biodiversity

It's spring! Not only am I in the garden, I'm shopping! And I just had to include some of my latest seedy finds with you!

First stop  -- a local Hudson Valley indie bookshop to find Diana's White House Garden by Elisa Carbone. Fans of Michelle Obama's garden will enjoy this historical look at another White House garden. A perfect pairing for a classroom read with book about seeds and gardening. It's the perfect read for students working in their school garden!

Next stop is for seeds  -- and some of my favorites are from the Hudson Valley Seed Company! (You'll find them listed and photographed in THE STORY OF SEEDS! ) All these seeds have a story behind them. You'll love their beautifully designed packets and the heirloom varieties for your garden.

I might just pick up a packet of Polar Bear Zinnias this year!

And to finish out the week, I took part in some great STEM panels at @nerdCampNJ and met Jennifer Vogel Bass. I fell in love with her two board books - Edible Numbers and Edible Colors! I love them so much - tiny books about biodiversity and heirlooms! I swapped her a copy of THE STORY OF SEEDS for these two treasures!

So there you have it -- a book about a historical garden, a great seed company, and a look at some wonderful heirlooms!   I hope you love these all as much as I do!   Seed on!


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